Proposed Los Gatos Gateway Sculpture

Designed for Gateway Public Art Sculpture

 “Dance With Us”

When I was told

Proposed Gateway Public Art Sculpture for

Town of Los Gatos, CA


Title: “Dance With Us”


This is a sculpture about community and connection. It’s intended to be accessible to the entire Los Gatos community no matter their age or background.

 The sculpture includes two metal figures standing on either side of an opening.  This opening may be interpreted as a “doorway” suggesting the idea of home. It may also be interpreted as a “portal” or passageway between home and the broader world.  The figures are captured in the act of dancing - perhaps in celebration of an event, or maybe just for the fun of it.  This sculpture is intended to spark a feeling of joy and suggests that perhaps life can be more like a dance and less like a struggle. 

On another level the sculpture suggests, in a playful way, that there’s always a way to push through the presumed barriers that sometimes separate us. And it hints at the truth that moving through those barriers is really the only way for us to support and uplift one another.

This work would be fabricated from stainless steel and aluminum. Color would be added using high-grade automotive paints together with a protective automotive clear coat.

The principle of informed simplicity guides my work. Einstein said it best: “Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.” For me this project that means providing the viewer with a visual experience that sparks joy while leaving room for them to bring their own experience to it. 

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