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getting to the heart of the matter

At the age of 15 I found myself sitting in the shade of an old walnut tree.  My attention was drawn to a sawed off and discarded section of branch. It was small, and old, and it changed my life forever. With an old carpenter’s hammer and chisel I intuitively began removing bark and wood revealing the image that lay inside.  This is where my life as an artist had began. 

Ever since that day I’ve been inspired, and driven to look for the essence of the thing or experience that lay just beneath the surface.  That ongoing search is reflected in my current work. I fabricate sculpture in stainless steel and aluminum. I apply a mix of materials to cradled wood panels to create my paintings. Both bodies os work focus on the essential elements of the medium: form, or texture and color. For me a minimalist approach creates space for a dialogue to develop between the viewer and the work of art.